Favorite Brands: A.Y NOT DEAD


Launching their first collection “Le freak c’est chic” in 2003, A.Y. Not Dead is one of the most innovative and popular brands in Argentina. An edgy style of clothing prevails throughout  each collection, never failing to attract their costumers by adding glimpses of vintage and preppy styles, always staying on-trend. To promote themselves during their early days, the firm started working with artists and designers that were willing to transmit their same message, wanting to influence their audience under their same concepts.

A.Y. Not Dead  has grabbed the attention of both national and international media, featuring in popular magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Brazil, Wallpaper and Collezioni. What is more, their Fall/Winter Collection 09 was bought by the reputable store Selfridgesbecoming one of the few Argentinian brands that got to sell their products in the U.K.

As for my personal opinion about the brand, I am in love with it. Their designs are wearable and always have a cutting edge in them. Let’s not forget about their amazing collection of jeans, they are fitted and their quality is remarkable. Bellow are some of my favorite picks of A.Y. Not Dead’s Spring/Summer Collection 13, “Magic Mushrooms”.

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