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Trend: Flatforms


I have been obsessing over flatforms over the last two years. Not only are they extremely popular here in Argentina, but they are also a really practical type of shoe. They make you taller and are very comfortable if you choose the right pair. Every woman’s dream right? Shoes that you can walk in and give you a few more centimeters! (Maybe not if you are very tall).

There are many different types of flatforms. Creepers are one of the most commonly worn, especially by girls or men who adopt a grunge style. These may also opt for flatform booties or sneakers. As for preppy girls, they may go for oxfords or loafers type of flatforms which give out a cleaner and more sophisticated look. What is more, there are also flatform sandals which look really cute in summer seasons.

I personally would wear every type since my style changes depending on my mood, which happens quite frequently. I must say these are my favorite type of shoes at the moment. I encourage you to try them if you haven’t yet!

Where to get a pair? Check out Solestruck, ASOS, Nasty Gal, Underground, Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell or Topshop. As for Argentinian residents, they are basically everywhere, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding a pair at your nearest shopping mall. Below are pictures of the different types.

Muscle T-Shirts, Yay or Nay?

Muscle t-shirts have been quite a popular trend over the last year. This piece of clothing surely adds
a touch of edginess to every outfit and is mostly worn by people who embody mainly grunge, rocker or vintage styles.

There are different types of muscle t-shirts, they vary in different ways. To start with, they can be plain or have graphic designs on them. What is more, their neckline level is something that differs in every t-shirt too. The cut of the sides in it can also be different, some being lower than others. Last but not least, the length of a muscle t-shirt also tends to vary, from cropped ones to even knee-length ones which can also be worn as dresses.

I cannot help but adore muscle t-shirts. They make every outfit look cool with a touch of rocker chicness. In addition to this, they look great when accessorized with necklaces or scarves. They are quite versatile pieces of clothing, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of options. Here is a gallery of their different styles and some ideas on how to style them.

As for where to get them, you can look for them in shops such as Nasty Gal, Unif or Forever 21. Moreover, you can also make your own muscle t-shirt! 

Favorite Brands: A.Y NOT DEAD


Launching their first collection “Le freak c’est chic” in 2003, A.Y. Not Dead is one of the most innovative and popular brands in Argentina. An edgy style of clothing prevails throughout  each collection, never failing to attract their costumers by adding glimpses of vintage and preppy styles, always staying on-trend. To promote themselves during their early days, the firm started working with artists and designers that were willing to transmit their same message, wanting to influence their audience under their same concepts.

A.Y. Not Dead  has grabbed the attention of both national and international media, featuring in popular magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Brazil, Wallpaper and Collezioni. What is more, their Fall/Winter Collection 09 was bought by the reputable store Selfridgesbecoming one of the few Argentinian brands that got to sell their products in the U.K.

As for my personal opinion about the brand, I am in love with it. Their designs are wearable and always have a cutting edge in them. Let’s not forget about their amazing collection of jeans, they are fitted and their quality is remarkable. Bellow are some of my favorite picks of A.Y. Not Dead’s Spring/Summer Collection 13, “Magic Mushrooms”.

Style Spotlight: Miroslava Duma

Former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor and actual freelance writer Miroslava Duma never fails to make an impact on the fashion world. The Russian beaut is a must in every fashion blog or magazine thanks to her captivating and mesmerizing style. Daughter of Russian senator Vasilay Duma, Miroslava (also nicknamed Mira) has always been able to afford the high expenses of fashion and glamour, letting her display her exquisite style.

The new it girl is no stranger to Fashion Weeks all the over the globe as she worships designer’s beautiful work in the runways, always in the front row of course. Moreover, her blog  is one of the most acknowledged and influential blogs in the fashion world. Let’s hope this modern Style Icon keeps enhancing us with her flawless style.